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Chef’s Pencil Set

I’ve never really been the Etsy addict that so many of you are. Occasionally I’d see something cute that other friends had purchased online but I never really took the time to scour the store for one-of-a-kind finds. That is until recently. In the last three months I’ve started to impulse shop on Etsy like it’s my job.

Case in point: this adorable Chef’s Pencil Set from Paper Pastries. Did I need any pencils? No. Do I even own a pencil sharpener? No, although perhaps I can sharpen them with my eyeliner sharpener? Do I ever write with a Pencil? Not since I filled in those little bubbles on annoying standardized tests in High School. So why did I feel the overwhelming need to buy these? Who knows… In the end they’re cuter than cute so does it really matter? I think not.

Obviously I don’t need any extra encouragement but I’d love to hear about some of your favorite Etsy finds and sellers. Don’t worry CK — I’ll do my best not to give my credit card too much of a workout.