Behind The Apron

I Cook Therefore I am

Why a Food Blog?
Want to know a “secret?” I’ve been blogging online in various forms since 1998. I did the whole journal based domain thing, the Live Journal thing, the Vox thing, and I had become very very jaded with it all. “Erin Cooks” actually began out of sheer boredom stemming from a short stretch of unemployment in the summer of 2006. After relocating from Boston to “The Burbs” I suddenly found myself with absolutely nothing to do but scour job sites and go to the gym. Soon the highlight of my day became cooking dinner for my boyfriend.

Surprisingly, I quickly morphed into a regular “Donna Reed.” This was accomplished mostly via an immense amount of Food Network viewing so a hearty thank you to TiVo would be appropriate for making all of this possible.

My friends were highly amused by this new turn of events. In order to prove that I actually was cooking I began to share my meal images with them via flickr and Vox. Now, almost five year later, and 3000 miles away (aka San Francisco) I’m still cooking, baking, and entertaining constantly. Simply put, I love to cook. It relaxes me. Well… except for the time when the Pyrex dish exploded in my oven — I think I still have Post Traumatic Stress from that incident.

You can learn more about me on my personal blog XoXo Erin.

I use a Canon EOS 40D camera. I have no business using this camera. It has way too many bells and whistles and I count myself very lucky every time I’m able to get a decent food shot. I’m hoping to take a class soon so that someone can properly introduce me to the amazing potential that this camera holds.

I organize and edit everything in Aperture. It’s like iPhoto on steroids.

A MacBook Pro, the second one in 9 months actually as my cat broke my first MacBook Pro. In this case I think that would make it Lucy 3.1 and not 4.0. White MacBook aka “Lucy 2.” An iBook was the original ErinCooks machine as well as the original “Lucy.” I’m an Apple girl through and through.

Would you like to review my cookbook, fancy food item, or funky cooking utensil?

You bet I would! If there’s anything I like more than cooking and eating it’s getting mail that isn’t a bill or J. Crew catalog. Please send me an email: [email protected] and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with my mailing address. Unfortunately, I can’t review everything that I receive so your submission of an item to me does not automatically gain you an entry on ErinCooks.