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Cape Cod Popcorn

Cape Cod Popcorn

There’s a home movie of me swirling around my family that unfortunately only exists on a VHS tape or I’d happily share it with you. Don’t worry there isn’t any night vision or scantily clad D list celebrities in it. It’s simply several very amusing takes of me around 7 or 8 years of age sporting a purple polo shirt and acting hyper as hell (undoubtedly totally jacked up on Jax and Grape Soda) while seriously hamming it up for the camera.

At one point I jump into the shot holding a bag of Cape Cod popcorn, greedily munch a handful, and yell, “Cape Cod Popcorn! It’s deeeelicious! Ha ha! I just made a commercial for Cape Cod Popcorn!”

In the grand tradition of embarrassing your child with ridiculous childhood exploits this movie was shown to CK shortly after we began dating and ever since he likes to remind me just how “deeeelicious” everything is.

Unfortunately my love of Cape Cod popcorn was cut short. For years I couldn’t find it in any stores in Maine. Even today when I happen to venture down the chip aisle I  find myself scanning the shelves for this nostalgic favorite but always come away empty handed.

Recently though this all changed when I stopped by a random Roche Bros in Acton and was astonished to see my personal Holy Grail of snack food nestled next to the more commonly available Cape Cod Potato Chip varieties. I did a double take to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things, quickly grabbed a bag, and practically skipped back to show CK what I’d found. Huzzah! Cape Cod Popcorn was mine at last! Of course once I got home and opened the bag I realized that it tasted essentially exactly like the very easy to find Smart Food Popcorn but in my mind Cape Cod Popcorn will always be better. So I ask those of you native to New England, do you remember Cape Cod Popcorn and am I right about it totally disappearing after the 80’s? Or perhaps it just stopped being stocked in my area of Maine?

PS: Interestingly enough, if you go to the Cape Cod company website, they are branding their popcorn products as “new.” Hmm…I guess everything old becomes new again at some point?

Cape Cod Popcorn