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High Def Kitchens

May 19, 2007

Who else is super excited about Food Network being available in HD? I’ve been waiting for this day since we bought our HDTV last summer. Comcast kept me in such suspense! And just for all of you people who reach my blog by searching for “Giada’s Breasts” I’d like to point out that yes, her […]

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Frog Legs, Divas, and Harold — Oh My!

October 20, 2006

Top Chef is my kind of reality TV.  I have watched and re-watched last season’s episodes over and over.  I never seem to get bored with Tom Colicchio telling Stephen belligerently that “This isn’t Top Sommelier” or Harold’s face when he learned about the junk food competition (Cooking with SPAM – oh the horror).   So […]

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