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Cranberry Christmas Centerpiece

I feel the need to start this post with a nod to just how proud I am to have created something that looks as cool as this! I know that sounds completely narcissistic and horrible but I am so not a crafty person. Last year I made the ugliest felt Christmas ornaments you’ve ever seen so I hope you’ll understand if I lead off with a tad of bravado.

I originally was inspired to use cranberries as a centerpiece after viewing this post on The Kitchn. I wasn’t entirely confident that I would be able to pull off such an intricate looking task but one afternoon at the office I impulsively ordered all of the things I’d need online.

In my state of over zealousness though I ended up purchasing three 6-inch styrofoam florist balls. Unfortunately, as it took me two hours (or the entirety of The Holiday and up to the point in The Family Stone when Meredith checks into the hotel) to finish placing the cranberries — there will only be one centerpiece this year.

In addition, I’ve decided this will be a traveling centerpiece. It will dazzle me at my home for the next few days and then on Friday I’ll take it to Maine with me for my family holiday. I plan to spray the whole thing down with shellac first though. It’s like I crafted a cranberry baby. I’m very protective of it.

If I had one tip for those of you creating this I would say that it’s very important to paint the foam ball with a dark red paint and let it dry completely before you start breaking toothpicks in half and stabbing the poor thing with hundreds of ruby red berries and then placing it on a regal throne (aka whatever vase you have lying around the house). I let it sit for a few days, mostly because I forgot that I’d stashed the painted ball in a cupboard so the cats wouldn’t play with it. Now go forth and deck your halls with cranberries. There’s still plenty of time!