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Erin Cooks The Internet: August 15, 2007

No Muss!  No Fuss!I’m quite aware that the Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan is an amazing feat of pure genius, especially since 75 people on my google reader have told me so. Unfortunately though I’m not an “edge” kind of girl. I like the gooey middle pieces, so chances are I probably won’t ever purchase the Goliath of all brownie pans.

However, their new lasagna pan is an entirely different story. Anything that cuts down on delicious food looking sloppy is “must have” in my book. PS: I saw an adorable Baker’s Edge drinking glass on a blog today. Does anyone know if this item is actually available for purchase because I really really want one.

Update: I received a note from Emily at Baker’s Edge and unfortunately the glasses aren’t currently for sale, but might possibly be made available for purchase during the holiday season. *Fingers Crossed* How cute would it be to give someone (whose really into those edge pieces) a gift set compiled of the brownie pan, some glasses, and a container of pricey cocoa powder.

Skip to My Loo, My Darlin'Are these cupcakes life, imitating art, imitating life? My friend Gene made some pretty fabulous Jackson Pollack inspired cupcakes for a baking competition at his office. Yes, even though he did totally “cheat” and use canned frosting I’d still give him a gold medal, or at least a Starbucks gift card, wouldn’t you?

Speaking of dessert, have you seen the adorable new Threadless T-shirt? The expression on that Hostess snack cake is priceless. Obviously the horror of skipping dessert is just too much for some people (myself included). I know I feel personally wronged every time I lose out on an end of meal chocolate opportunity.