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A Tale of Two Cheesesteaks

Pat's For the Win!

Last weekend CK and I flew to Philadelphia to spend the weekend with our friends Doug and Jen. Never having been to Philly before our gracious hosts provided us with a whirlwind tour of the area’s attractions including a trip to sample the quintessential Philly dish: the cheesesteak.

Geno's Steaks

Apparently there are two “warring factions” vying for top Philly cheesesteak honors and they just happen to exist on the same street.  Long lines wrap around both restaurants, but our host said that we would be dead to him if we dared to venture over to Geno’s, so we dutifully got into line at Pat’s. Who knew a sandwich could inspire such a violent reaction?!

Gallons of Cheese Whiz

I was horrified when I spied the huge containers of Cheese Whiz proudly displayed in the window at Pat’s and vehemently refused to order mine “Whiz Wit” and settled for some onions and slices of provolone. Of course after we snagged a seat and I saw how gooey and awesome CK’s cheese product slathered sandwich looked I batted my eyes a few times and he happily handed over half. Or maybe I just told him he was going to give it to me? It’s all semantics… The lesson to be learned here is that you can’t be a food snob when you’re eating a cheesesteak in Philly.  Just order the Cheese Whiz and be a man about it.

Looks Bad, But Tastes Good!

For those of you who have had the pleasure of sampling the greasy goodness I’d love to hear if you’re a frequenter of Geno’s, or a life long regular at Pat’s. Do I need to covertly sneak back to Philly and try Geno’s (risking the wrath of Doug) or is Pat’s truly the best? Anyway, we essentially ate our way through the whole city so stay tuned for the total calorie count.