Amish Friendship Bread

September 24, 2008 · Print This Post

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Amish Friendship Bread

A few weeks ago Sarah, of Sweets by Sarah, posted about making Amish Friendship Bread. I’d never heard of this cinnamon baked good before. In all honestly I was also a bit dubious about the chain letter aspect of the baking experiment, not to mention the frequent directive to “mash the bag” of starter mix that is bestowed upon you.

As fate would have it, a few days later my friend Courtney brought in a ziploc baggie of the yeastie concoction to the office for me to try. I dutifully followed the marathon list of instructions (a commitment of 10 days) and was pleasantly surprised to have two enormous loaves of seriously delicious cinnamon bread at the end of the process. For an extra zing I added a cup of cranberries to the batter. Now four of my friends and co-workers have been given batches of their own to try. Hopefully one of them will give me back a bag so I can make it again! Hint. Hint.

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