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Bread Machine BFF

I Love My Bread Machine

For many, many years I’ve hated making bread with a fiery passion, but not anymore thanks to the bread machine my mom gave me last Christmas. The poor little gadget sat on my pantry shelf collecting dust for an entire year, but this morning, after a trip to the store for non-fat milk powder to make the dough, I finally wiped it off and plugged it in. All I had to do was pour in a few ingredients and press “start.”

I know traditionalist will be completely disgusted with me for using such a “ridiculous” machine to bake bread, but I serious don’t care. This loaf tasted awesome and about a 1000 times better than anything I’ve made in the past when I’ve kneaded great lumps of dough by hand, all the while making a gigantic floury mess in the kitchen. I’ll be making more tomorrow.

PS: Want to know what’s also really exciting? The bread from the 1.5 pound loaf fits perfectly in the toaster. Heaven I tell you! I’m in heaven.