Gingerbread Pop-Tarts

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Gingerbread Pop-Tarts

Target has been offering up a wealth of holiday food oddities this year. On the same trip that I purchased all of those Andes Baking Chips, I also came across these Gingerbread Pop-Tarts. Now I like a Pop-Tart from time to time, but they have to be of the frosted variety. I’m also more inclined to eat one if it’s the brown sugar and cinnamon kind. So I admit it. I was more than a little excited to get these home and into the toaster.

Admittedly, The packaging is pretty cute. Each tart is wrapped in the traditional silver cellophane, and a red ribbon is superimposed on the top with a little “to” and “from” tag. The pop-tarts themselves are all printed with different images of gingerbread people doing wintry things in a limited number of ink colors (red, green, blue, and black).

Gingerbread Pop-Tarts Packaging
The outside of the Gingerbread Pop-Tart is sprinkled with sugar and the inside is filled with icing. I want to like these, but unfortuately they’re just so-so. The flavor of the spices is really unbalanced so after eating one I feel like I’ve just had a clove and nutmeg sandwich. The thing is, kids will love them. They’ll feel like they’re eating the walls of a gingerbread house for breakfast. So even though I’m a little grossed out, your 8-year-old will think he’s been given the keys to the cookie breakfast kingdom. On the upside they do make your whole kitchen smell like a gingerbread cookie candle. These special pop-tarts are a limited edition just for the holidays so find them while you can.

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