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Erin Cooks The Internet: August 31, 2007

Buy My Boring Pottery!The other day I ran into Gordon Ramsay at Macys. Well…I didn’t exactly run into him but I did spend a little time looking over the new kitchen products he’s hawking. I quickly realized that the collection consisted of lots of boring white ribbed style bakeware. Very ho-hum. You’d think Gordon Ramsay would wow a girl with some pottery flare. I expect this sort of thing from Ina Garten but not the screaming meanie himself. Martha Stewart’s colorful pastels in the next aisle lured me away in record time.

I have a fascination with fry bread. It was brought about in college when my favorite professor, MKJ, had us read The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. Ever since I’ve always wanted to try it, make it, and of course, eat it. You should check out Clint’s attempt at recreating traditional Native American Fry Bread. I think it looks pretty amazing. I may have to whip up a batch of my own and have a private viewing of Smoke Signals to celebrate.

Are You Ready For Some Football?Everyone’s favorite hostess with the mostess, Padma Lakshmi, is coming out with her second cookbook this fall. It’s titled Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet: A World of Recipes for Every Day. Tangy, Tart, Hot, and Sweet…sounds like appropriate nicknames for a Spice Girls cover band. Now go add it to your wishlist….NOW!

And finally, Football season is fast approaching. The Patriots opening day is September 9th versus The New York Jets and I’ve just found the perfect cake pan for a Sunday of beer, nachos, and HD fun. I wonder if they sell little decorative player figures? If they do I’ll make sure to buy Tom Brady and Tedy Bruschi, and then I’ll get a Peyton Manning candy and promptly bite his head off.