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Polar Holiday Seltzer

I’m not going to lie. I was really disappointed last year when Polar Seltzer  rolled out an array of limited edition holiday flavors and I couldn’t get them on the West Coast. Everyone back east was toasting with sparkling eggnog flavored water and I felt seriously left out. Fast forward to last week and what did I happen upon in the grocery store — a huge display of crazy flavors that I immediately and gleefully tossed into my shopping cart. I’m a sparkling water addict and Sodastream user extraordinare but the fact that Polar makes water that tastes like dessert and has zero calories is kind of off-the-wall amazing.

OK. Let’s be real, it’s amazing and admittedly a little odd too. Drinking eggnog flavored water is one thing, but water that tastes like Boston Cream Pie and Mint Chocolate — that’s just crazy. Crazy with a side of yum though and even more special if you add a shot or two of booze. By the way, it’s not just me that thinks these winter inspired flavors are pretty groovy. My friend Pam is stockpiling the Mint Chocolate at this very moment. Do they have Polar Seltzer in your town? What flavor do you think they should make next? I’d personally love a coffee flavored version. Mmm…latte.