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Erin Cooks The Internet: December 16, 2007

I was feeling a little guilty last night after after realizing that I had essentially missed all of the donation opportunities that have been going around my workplace when I remembered that the Menu For Hope is still underway. After scanning the prize list I set my sights on the two night culinary class and dining package being offered from The Essex Inn. You all know how I feel about Vermont, but If you want to “steal” my chance at a free romantic getaway or bid on any number of other really fabulous and exciting prizes, then you should definitely get your credit card in hand and check out the Menu for Hope. Tis the season to give!

Spicy Tuna!On Christmas night, the Doctor Who Christmas Special will air guest starring Kylie Minogue (don’t worry I’ll find some way to watch it) and in celebration I may have to channel some serious Ghosts of Martha Stewart past and whip up these Dalek Cupcakes or a Gingerbread Tardis. Exterminate!

I so wanted to buy this adorable Sushi Play Set for someone, but I don’t have any friends with babies who are quite old enough yet. Next year though every last one of your kids are going to get this. Be prepared. I mean, seriously!? How could you not want to play with something that comes with wasabi?