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Foodie Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Congratulations Meghan & Tom!

As I mentioned previously my good friend Meghan is having a baby girl next month. Last weekend I attended her baby shower and I have to say I agonized over what to get her. I knew she would receive oodles of pretty pastel clothes, blankets, and toys so my goal was to find gifts for her that were unique, functional, and hopefully memorable. In the end I decided on the following items:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I fell in love with these adorable MooMe bibs, packaged to resemble baby food jars, and had such a hard time deciding between the fruit and veggie versions that I ended up just buying both. In addition to being so darn cute the bibs also made of 100% organic cotton.

Future foodie babies need to start young so I couldn’t resist stocking baby Emily’s bookshelf with two timeless food filled storybooks: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Pickles to Pittsburgh.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Feeding Meghan’s baby is obviously my ultimate goal, and until she’s old enough to enjoy ice cream sandwiches and Pistachio Rocket Pops, her mom will be able to whip up healthy and wholesome meals for her with the assistance of the So Easy Baby Food kit and the First Meals cookbook. All of this undoubtedly delicious food can than be served on a whimsical La Mer ocean themed dinnerware set. Finally, just for fun, I included this ingenious Baby Owner’s Starter Kit, which comes with: The Baby Owner’s Manual, a growth chart with stickers for marking baby’s progress, a diaper changing Instructional poster (I could use this since I’ve honestly never changed a diaper in my life), a babysitter’s memo pad, and a decorative magnet.

Now we just have to wait for Baby Emily to make her grand debut so we can all begin her foodie education.