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Erin Cooks The Internet: September 14, 2007

Here Piggy Piggy!I was happily flipping through my October Rachael Ray magazine when I came across a product that definitely made my eyebrows raise. Rachael was promoting BLT Candles. Yes, you read that correctly: bacon, lettuce, and tomato scented wax. For the “bargain price” of $33.95 your house can smell like a cheap diner. I could see purchasing this item as a gag gift or maybe for a crummy office Secret Santa, but I’d never buy it on purpose. What’s next? Will steak and eggs with a side of buttered toast be the November fragrance of the month at Yankee Candles?

My Husband Will Love ThisWe continue our foray into the the strange and bizarre world of foodie land with the news that Martha Stewart (or her gigantic team of advisors) has decided to break into the wine business. The wine will be known as Martha Stewart Vintage, and will retail for $15 a bottle. Now Martha & her minions will have official Stepford Wives chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot to down with their afternoon Xanax. I hope Gary Vaynerchuk reviews it. Now that would be an extremely entertaining podcast. The sad thing is that I’ll still totally buy it. Just like I bought Sophia Coppola Champagne in a can. No one can resist the lure of Martha, but unfortunately some of you will have to go without since she’s only releasing the wines initially in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, North Carolina, Denver, Phoenix and Portland, Oregon.

If you live in Boston or one of it’s surrounding cities, or even if you just visit on occasion for a Red Sox game than you’ve probably ridden on the “loveliness” that is the “T.” The “T” – as the subway is referred to in our abbreviated East Coast way has now been immortalized locally by Cold Stone Creamery. The (T)errific Charlie sundae (Charlie is the mascot for the MBTA) is now being served in Cold Stone locations all over the city. It consists of Cake Batter ice cream mixed with Snickers, M&Ms and Kit Kat bars. I figure the color of all that sugary junk swirled into a cup should just about equal the shade of grease that gets on the hem of any dry clean only pants I wear riding to work.