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I Want a Target Chefmate Dutch Oven

Now Taking Orders

Oh happy day! I have been trying to hunt down the Target Chefmate Dutch Oven ever since I read about it in Cooks Illustrated after Christmas. I naively thought that I would be able to simply walk into Target, pick up this bright red pot and start cooking stews to my hearts content. I vividly remembered seeing them all over the place before the article came out, but of course none were to be found as soon as the Test Kitchen declared this $40 item to be on par with the much more expensive Le Creuset versions. I still covet the Le Creuset, but for the penny pinching time being I’ll happily make do with my Target knock off. However, please note that should Le Creuset ever decide to make pastel additions to their cast iron line my credit card will be making a command appearance. Just imagine the brilliance of a pink Le Creuset — “Le Sigh…”