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Erin Cooks The Internet: August 6, 2007

Secure that chicken in styleThis is totally embarrassing to admit, but last week I made a really delicious asparagus and feta stuffed chicken breast. I even pounded out the chicken — something I never do, and secured each entree with toothpicks. Colored toothpicks. I didn’t think anything of it until Chris and I were eating dinner and noticed blue and red stripes on certain bites of chicken. The color from the toothpicks bled onto the meat while it baked in the oven. Oops… If only I’d had some of these genius FoodLoops I totally could have saved myself from a Bridget Jones cooking moment. Blue soup anyone?

A Bold New BreakfastI love bacon. I love eggs. I hate the way cooking bacon and eggs together makes my house smell like a diner for the next 12 hours. The PoachPod is a funky little tool that appears to be a great way to remedy my breakfast gripe. Not quite convinced? Check out this yummy plate of food that Clint managed to whip up with very minimal effort.

Teach Me How Jamie!Jamie Oliver was my first celebrity chef love so as per usual I can’t wait to have his new cookbook that’s being released in October. Cook with Jamie is essentially Jaime’s cooking school in book form. It appears that each chapter will be broken into categories that will allow you to “build a respectable repertoire as a burgeoning chef.” I wonder if he warns anyone about the dangers of colored toothpicks…