Erin Cooks Version 2.0

Definitely Not a Pink PonySome people are proud and love the fact that they have doctors and lawyers in their families. Personally I’m grateful to have a web developer who will stay up all night finishing my cooking blog’s redesign so that it no longer looks like an advertisement for the “Pretty Pretty Princess” board game.

So what do you think? Halfway through the revisions I realized that the new layout was starting to resemble the Christmas decorations that are up all over our apartment, but I’d rather have someone make a comparison to Erin Cooks with something dignified than have them roll their eyes and shout, “OMG Ponies!” I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I do, and please let us know if anything is behaving bizarrely so I can yell at Chris and withhold things from him like dinner and cookies until he fixes the issue.