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Erin Cooks The Internet: November 28, 2007

V is For Velveeta Disappointingly I’ve only managed to purchase two gifts for family members so far this holiday season and they were gift cards. Each day I spend quite a bit of time frantically searching online for ideas, (mainly via lots of link sharing with Anna on Google Reader) and I’ve found quite a few gifts that would be great if only my family members were…well…like me. So without further adieu no “Erin Cooks” Christmas could possibly be complete without the following ridiculous things that no one needs but we buy them anyway.

One of my favorite kitchen helper activities when I was a kid was grating cheese. If you know a kid who’s weird like that too then I’d suggest buying them this fab shirt from Threadless. I know I’m not the only one out there who prided themselves on their grating prowess so spill your guts!

Chris picked up a bottle of 2005 Keesha Pinot Grigio at Best Cellars and now I’m completely hooked. It has a very unique citrus taste that I didn’t think I liked at first but it totally grew on me. Everyone loves wine, especially your hostess with the mostess so stock up for all of those unexpected last minute gift giving moments.

To rev up the stockings of your adventurous gift recipients, mountain climbers, or even just people who use the stairs and not the elevator I’d definitely suggest picking up some of these special edition seasonal Cliff Bars. I bought Chris a few for his birthday last month. They come in Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Iced Gingerbread flavors.

Panda:  It's What's For Dinner!Your lip gloss addicted little sister could probably use a pot or two of these tasty Ben & Jerry’s flavored lip glosses. Now If they made Cinnamon Buns lip gloss I might be tempted.

Fred Flare has a ridiculously over priced skillet for sale that has a Panda face painted on the side. It’s super cute, but in the interest of full disclosure you’d be much better off putting that $75 towards a nice piece of All-Clad.

And finally, if you have some crafty, Martha Stewart loving cousins to shop for these adorable embroidery patterns feature a Peppermint Fairy, penguins, deer and even a gingerbread house. But since I hate crafts don’t buy me these. Believe me, I’d much rather have the wine.