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Five Boston Food Blogs

Erin's Google Reader

When I first started blogging on ErinCooks several years ago I couldn’t seem to find many food blogs that were local to the Boston area. There was of course the gorgeous and food fairytale like images of La Tartine Gourmande to drool over but otherwise I mostly read blogs that were based in other areas of the country. But soon I began to collect a number of fellow Boston area bloggers in Google Reader that I’ve grown to enjoy very much. I’d like to share some of these great sites with you today just in case you haven’t already discovered them on your own.

Cave Cibum
Follow Pam on Twitter @cavecibum

Pam and I actually connected via LibraryThing originally and soon learned that we worked in the same office. I always enjoy her informative posts on local cheap eats and she consistently posts about restaurants, bakeries, and other events in the Boston area that I endlessly find myself adding to my “to do” lists. One of my favorite of Pam’s posts is when she claims that Croissants are Surprisingly Easy.

Consuming Lilly
Follow Lilly on Twitter @lillyj

Lilly is leading my dream lifestyle right now as she’s in the Gastronomy program at Boston University and works as an intern for both America’s Test Kitchen and Simply Ming. She’s also a cupcake addict. Lilly’s blog posts are equal parts hilarious, informative, and memorable. I suggest you take a look at her honest take on the Food Network’s celebrity chef personalities entitled Oh Paula.

Sweet Amandine
Follow Jess on Twitter @sweetamandine

Jess is a brand new blogger who has only been blogging since January but you’d never know it. Her photographs and personal writing style are simply a joy to read. One of my absolute favorite posts on Jess’s site details her relationship with her grandmother and rugelach. I’ll admit that when Jess recounts the lovely life lessons that her grandmother imparted on her including her insistence that “it’s not that I look ugly in that photograph, but that the picture itself “isn’t flattering” I may have teared up a little.

Eat Boutique
Follow Maggie on Twitter @mizmaggieb

I discovered Maggie’s blog via Twitter. She not only takes fabulous images of food but she also is the founder of the foodie meme Fridge Fridays. Something I’ve been too embarrassed to participate in yet due to the general messy state of my refrigerator. As for the delicious recipes she posts on Eat Boutique check out her Smokey White Bean Sandwich. I’ve been drooling over this simple dish for days now.

WBUR’s Public Radio Kitchen
Follow Public Radio Kitchen on Twitter @pubradiokitchen

WBUR's Massachusetts Area Farmer's Market Map

WBUR’s offshoot blog Public Radio Kitchen had become my go-to site for all things food related in the Boston area. Every day a local blogger’s post is featured as well as a round-up of citywide “tidbits.” They also hosted a food blog meet-up recently where I finally had the opportunity to meet many of the people I read online in person. While all of their online content is great and you should definitely add them to your must read list of blogs (even if you aren’t in Boston) my absolute favorite item that they’ve created is a comprehensive interactive map of the Farmer’s Markets located in and around Massachusetts. It’s an indispensable resource and I can’t wait to start visiting markets weekly and taking advantage of more local produce.

Who are some of your favorite Massachusetts food bloggers? I’d love to add some more great blogs to google reader.