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Amanda’s Elephant-Tastic Baby Shower

My friend Randi and I recently co-planned a baby shower for my cousin Amanda. After we decided on a cute and cuddly elephant based invitation it was my job to find a cake and favors for the guests. I knew right away that I wanted my friend Carrie to design a special cookie for the occasion.

Carrie has more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body. She’s incredibly handy with a pastry bag and makes a scrumptious butter cookie. I simply emailed a PDF of the shower invitation to her and she went to work. Honestly, I think she has a magic wand up her sleeve.

The finished product looked outstanding, and even though they were shipped to me all the way from North Carolina not a drop of icing was out of place. Believe me, I checked. I desperately wanted to find a broken elephant so I would have an excuse to eat more than one. Carrie did an amazing job creating tags for the favors that matched the invitation, finding just the right shade of ribbon, and then hand drawing almost 3 dozen baby blue pachyderms onto homemade cookies. She’s officially my hero and I can’t wait to find a reason to custom order treats from her again. You can get in touch with Carrie via her website, A Taste of Stepford, or stop by her Facebook page for a preview of some of the other unbelievable cookies and desserts she’s churned out of her suburban kitchen.

As for the cake, my once-upon-a-time office mate Kris originally told me about Yum Bunnies Cakery. Her glowing review and a snappy name like that is hard to forget so when I started thinking about what type of cake to get for the shower I immediately clicked over to their website.

I had my heart set on a 3-D elephant and Jessa definitely delivered. She was also able to match the colors from the invitation to the cake decorations and I honestly couldn’t have been happier. I literally squealed in delight when she took the cake out of the refrigerator case. How cute is that elephant’s little blue trunk?!

In addition to making lovely looking cakes, Yum Bunnies Cakery also bakes cake that tastes scrumptious. Since, from my experience, this is a rare occurrence with many bakery made cakes I really want to highlight the fact that this cake was moist, super flavorful (marble cake with chocolate butter cream in case you were wondering) and highly addictive. I hope Amanda had sweet dreams after sampling all of these decadent treats. Hopefully we didn’t put the baby into sugar shock!