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In the Kitchen with iPhone

Milk...Eggs...Ice CreamI love my iPhone. Honestly, if Apple designed and released a toaster I’d be first in line, but in all seriousness this phone is a fantastic gadget with countless uses beyond making phone calls and listening to Mandy Moore’s fabulous new album while I’m walking to the T. Surprisingly, a lot of the functionality of the iPhone is very kitchen and cooking friendly. For instance the “Notes” application allows me to make grocery or ingredient lists on the fly. You can keep the list on your phone or email it to someone else so that they can do the shopping. This is a great feature for me since I tend to make elaborate lists and then leave them tacked to the magnetic pad on the refrigerator (a habit I seem to have inherited from my mother).

PeaPodSince the iPhone comes with Safari you can actually search the internet for recipe ideas. I like to google randomly for ingredients I have on hand i.e. sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and chicken and see what turns up. You also have full access to all of your favorite food websites, or even the option of shopping for your groceries online. I’m an avid Peapod user (because getting things delivered makes me giddy with happiness). Now instead of reading old Glamour magazines at the dentist office I can get my groceries ordered and scheduled for delivery or plan the menu for the week. I’d like to see you do that on your Blackberry.

Yum-OSome food blogs have even begun creating iPhone optimized editions. One of the best examples of this is located at the 101 Cookbooks blog. There’s also a free magazine portal at that allows you to read full versions of popular titles on your phone. So far they have Rachael Ray and Taste of Home available in the cooking category. I’m pretty excited about this since unfortunately when I moved last month my copy of the June/July issue of Rachael Ray didn’t follow me.

Pretty brilliant, right?! I suggest you put the iPhone on your wishlist immediately. It really is as fantastic as everyone says.