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Is Purple the New Pink?

I should probably be really offended by this article from the 1930’s about a group of men who redesigned the family kitchen to “fit” their wives, but honestly it’s my dream to design a kitchen to fit myself. I’m 5’9” and while I can pretty much reach anything, it’s a total pain (literally) when I have to do dishes which is why I put almost everything in the dishwasher. It’s also uncomfortable if I work for an extended time at the kitchen counters (chopping, cookie decorating etc…) so I’d pretty much be in heaven if I could raise my sink and counter heights. Until then though, I totally tag CK for dish duty.

Corn!Contrary to popular belief I actually really do love corn on the cob. I just have a huge aversion to eating it in public. I’m one of those people who saves the messy food for home, but this snappy little invention by OXO is too brilliant for words. It’s called a “Corn Stripper” and it looks very similar to your computer mouse. This gadget safely removes corn kernels from the cob without severing your finger and having to spend the night in the emergency room. Seriously where has this thing been all my life?

Amazing Purple SoupPurple is my favorite color (I bet you thought it was pink) so much so that when I was little I used to only eat the purple skittles, request grape gum, and order grape soda. I also really wanted to have purple hair for awhile, thanks to a very striking poster at my mother’s hair salon, but thankfully I grew out of that phase. The thought of some of those foods turns my stomach now, but when I came across this amazing Harry Potter inspired Soupe De Choux-fleur Violet (aka Purple Cauliflower Soup) I practically salivated and immediately wanted to try it. It’s such a beautiful color! Hopefully Whole Foods will have some in stock soon so that I make it.