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Julie & Julia: Boston Food Blog Meet-Up

Julie and Julia Boston Meet-Up

Friday night ten lovely ladies met at the Boston Common theater to see the fabulous Julie and Julia movie together. If I may speak for the group I feel it’s safe to say we had a fabulous time even though we did end up stuck in the third row from the screen. Thankfully Gayle soothed our annoyance at having to sit so close with a bottle of clandestine wine that we not so covertly shared. It seems you just can’t take food bloggers anywhere…

I absolutely want to try to have another get together soon so if you’re local and interested in joining us please let me know in the comments. In the meantime, you should visit my companions’ mouthwatering blogs. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite or two?

PS: Thank you Elina for having the foresight to ask a passing stranger to snap a picture.

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