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My love affair with and google reader continues…but since the only person I really share my food related “gems” with is my boyfriend Chris (who probably has met his lifelong quota of pink kitchen gadget links) I thought I might spare him a bit of culinary overload this week and instead share some of my daily lunch hour finds with all of you.

So PrettyMy birthday is June 3rd and I’d desperately like this set of French Bull Utensils to come back in stock. I’m a huge fan of bright and bold kitchen accessories and honestly you can never have too many pastel gizmos to stir, flip, and whisk with.

Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen has a tempting Donut Hole recipe that I’d love to try made entirely of dried fruits and nuts. The photograph that accompanys this recipe is gorgeous and if you squint a little you might be able to trick yourself into thinking these are butternut munchkins from Dunkin Donuts — except without all of that saturated fat.

The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton was revealed to me via a link on the Kitchen section of Apartment Therapy. I missed watching this when it premiered last weekend, but I’ve since queued it up on the DVR for future viewing. I love Masterpiece Theater, and as I’d never heard of Mrs. Beeton until this week I’m looking forward to seeing what the so-called original kitchen goddess was all about. I wonder if she snuck around by candle light for midnight snacks like Nigella Lawson…

One of my favorite food bloggers, Madeline, of “Everything Rachael Ray” was featured in her local paper. I got a little too excited about her posing with a Macbook Pro, only to realize later that it was a prop that the writer brought along for the photo op. Oops! At any rate, I’m sure she’s one step closer to getting a face to face with Miss Rachael Ray herself.