Molasses Oatmeal Bread Machine Recipe

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Molasses Oatmeal Bread

I bet you thought I was fickle and that the love affair with my bread machine wouldn’t last. Well ye of little faith take notice, I haven’t stopped baking bread in this fantastic contraption since I first posted about it back in December. In fact, it’s become a bi-weekly and occasionally tri-weekly event. The tightening in the seat and thighs of my jeans can certainly attest to the truth in this statement.

A bread machine is perfect for someone like me who hates the messiness and time consuming monotony of baking bread “in the wild.” I applaud those of you who like this sort of activity. Frankly I’d rather read a book, play Animal Crossing, or any other number of activities that don’t leave me covered in flour from head to toe.

Obviously when I was growing up my mom made “real” bread. My favorite of her many recipes was a Molasses Oatmeal bread that toasted beautifully, had a subtly sweet taste and a lovely light caramel color. After having such amazing success with the basic white bread recipe, I decided to be brave and attempt to adapt her recipe for the bread machine. The outcome is an addictive bread that takes me straight back to the bygone days of Saturday morning cartoons and She-Ra pajamas. I can think of very few things that I find more satisfying than two thick slices of this bread hot from the toaster and generously coated in real butter. I hope you enjoy it!

Molasses Oatmeal Bread Machine Recipe

3 cups of bread flour (Erin’s Note: If the dough ball is too moist during the first kneading cycle add a little more flour. If it’s too crumbly, be sure to add a few additional drops of water).
1 package of yeast
1 cup warm water
1/2 cup quick oats
1/4 cup molasses
3 tablespoons of butter, softened
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 eggs

Incorporate the above ingredients into the bowl of your bread machine per the manufacturer’s instructions. For my particular bread machine I add all of the wet ingredients first (water, molasses, butter, egg). Then I add the dry ingredients next (flour, oats, salt) and end by pressing a small indentation into the flour with my finger. This is where you place the yeast. I use the machine’s “Basic Setting” and select the 1.5 pound loaf option. Finally, I press “Start” and go about my business. Once the bread is baked, I coat the top of the hot loaf with butter and remove the bread machine bowl to a wire rack to cool completely. I like to serve this bread toasted and spread very liberally with real butter.

Molasses Oatmeal Bread

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