My Life in Boxes: The Kitchen Edition

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated in oh…an eternity. That’s because I’ve been swallowed by a sea of moving boxes for the last week. Even if you didn’t feel my absence BlogHer certainly did and reminded me today by shutting off my ads. I was duly chastised by this action and decided to take a few moments from my post work unpacking routine to give you a little video tour of the monstrosity that is my kitchen and therefore my LIFE right now.

There are no cookies, cakes, or other carbs to be posted because I can barely find the salt and pepper shakers. I’ve eaten so much take-out over the last seven days that I may never be able to look at another pizza box, burrito, or random deli sandwich ever again. I’m craving a home cooked meal and I just want to be able to find my favorite utensils. Plus I’m certain my KitchenAid mixer has NEVER gone this long without being turned on. I hope I haven’t hurt her feelings.

So please view the above. Hopefully it will give you a bit of a laugh. This is the first time I’ve used a Flip Video before and I’ve got a bit of the Blair Witch shaky-shake going on so try to bear with me. And if you have any helpful organizational ideas for my now cupboard-less life please let me know. I’m a bit at a loss.