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Pink is the New Christmas

You've Won Me OverI’m more than aware that it’s very inappropriate for me to even mention the holidays out loud at this point, but Blueprint magazine just Too Bad It Will Totally Clash With My Red Furniturearrived and it totally rocked my world. I’ve been a grumpy magazine subscriber for months now and have been letting each and every publication that I subscribe to run out without renewing, but Blueprint has just received its stay of execution. Just look at that gorgeous PINK tree! Now…how to talk CK into such a lovely thing being allowed in the living room. Hmm…

OK..since this is a cooking blog and not an ode to my love of all things pink then I suggest you also check out Blueprint’s Essential Recipes section for what is apparently Sugar Cookie bootcamp. I’ll definitely be giving those a try in a few more weeks. But if it were to snow tomorrow all bets are off.

PS: Check out this pink themed shopping and design website I stumbled upon trying to find that hotter than hot sequined dress the platinum blonde model is wearing on the cover. I scoured Neiman Marcus and the web but didn’t see it anywhere. If you find it, please let me know because I think I have to buy it and throw a party in its honor.