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An Erin Cooks Giveaway – Poptails: 60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick

What was once only a lowly Microsoft Word document is now a real live book. I know this to be a fact because I signed 10 copies of it for my mom last week. Pretty cool, right?! Thanks, Mom! Anyway, I feel a little bit like Geppetto and Poptails is my version of Pinocchio, only much smaller and less likely to talk back to me. I’m really excited to share the book with you and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Maybe your new summer go-to pop will become the Shirley Temper Tantrum, for those of you who miss the days of pretend drinking with your parents at chinese food restaurants and want to try a version with a real kick for once. Or perhaps you’ll enjoy my slightly inappropriately named boozy, blueberry popsicle that I’ve affectionately dubbed “Blueberries for Gown-Up Sal.” See what I did there? It’s a double shout-out to Maine! There are also traditional cocktails to choose from including my personal favorite, the Dirty Martini complete with olives and olive juice as well as a Sweet Manhattan. In the end I spiked and froze everything from yogurt to milk and eggnog to carrot juice. Not all together! That would be gross.

So how would you feel about winning a copy? I have two sitting on my desk right now!

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know what your first legally imbibed alcoholic drink happened to be. Do you even remember? I think mine was something gross like a Midori Sour or possibly a Whiskey Sour. I do recall that my group of friends and I also did Kamikaze shots on my 21st birthday and the mere thought of how they taste turns my stomach. Ick!

In addition, If you share the link to this contest on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account you may have one additional entry for a total of two possible chances to win. If you choose this option please leave a link to your shout out as your second comment. Two separate winners will be selected via the nifty random number generator on Friday, July 13th (spooky!) at 5:00 PM PST and then I’ll promptly arrange to have the book shipped to your home. Please note that this book can only be shipped to U.S. residents. Best of luck!

[Note: All popsicle photographs in this post appear in the book Poptails and were photographed by Allan Penn].