Boston Organics

I just found out about the most amazing thing (thanks Anna and Kristen)! Did you know that there’s an organic produce delivery service in Boston?! Well there is! It’s called Boston Organics and I’ve just signed up to receive their weekly half fruit and half veggie $27 box of assorted awesomeness as well as some fabulous sounding freshly baked bread.

My order will be dropped off on Wednesday so I’ll have more to report then. To find out if this great service is available in your part of the city you should review their delivery schedule. There are lots of delicious add-ons that you can arrange to have in your box too including cheeses, coffee, and chocolate for a small additional fee. They also allow you to create a list of produce that you definitely don’t want to have in your box. So I promptly exiled the honey dew melons to the “do not deliver” list.

Do any of you have a program like this in your area? If so, how has your experience been?

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