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$20 and the Copley Square Farmers Market

Copley Square Farmer's Market Bounty

I’m absolutely astounded at the amount of gorgeous fresh produce that I was able to purchase yesterday at the Copley Square Farmers Market for less than $20. Yes, I still had 25 cents to spare after my vegetable shopping spree that included rainbow carrots and ruby red beets from Atlas Farm, summer squash and zucchini, freshly dug red potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and my favorite garden staple: green beans.

CK and I sampled some of the green beans and potatoes last night and they were so good. It’s easy to forget that this is actually what vegetables are supposed to taste like, not the bland stuff that we tolerate in the North East all through the long winter months. I’m especially looking forward to cooking with the rainbow carrots. Does anyone have any carrot recipe recommendations that they’d like to pass along to me? What are your summer time Farmers Market must haves?