Erin Cooks On-The-Go, To Buy / To Try

A Visit to the King Arthur Baker’s Store

Truth. I may have based our entire Vermont vacation happiness on whether or not I would find Cinnamon Chips at the King Arthur Baker’s Store. Thankfully they were in stock. In addition to the delightful cinnamon variety I also couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out the bright green mint version as well as the Cappuccino Chips. Oh the cookies we’ll make together my little darlings!

My nutritional guru friend Hänni would have been in absolute heaven here. They had every kind of weird and hard to find flour under the sun. Since I’m scared of those things though I simply settled for the worst possible thing I could buy: cake flour. Mmm…frosting, fat, and calories but now with a super tender crumb!

As you can see, from CK’s incredulous expression, we both draw the line at buying something as absurd as Onion Goggles. Don’t be a wimp people! Unlike baseball there’s always crying in cooking.

However, I’m not against procuring a single use product that actually makes sense such as this super cute (and shiny) yeast measuring spoon. Now I only have to wash one item when I use jarred yeast and not a teaspoon and a 1/4 teaspoon. I’m totally going to shave a whole 7 seconds off my dish washing time.

I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to make kitten-shaped cookies, right? I’ll just warn you now that they’ll probably be pink. I suppose you’re starting to realize that I went on quite the random shopping spree…

In the end I left with all of the above items and a salt cellar too. Frankly I probably could have done more damage so I’m actually proud of myself for reigning in my inner shopaholic ever-so-slightly. Besides, this was only the first stop in our trip and there was still much more shopping to come.