An Attempt at NaBloPoMo

Hey folks! Long time no read. Looks like it’s pretty dusty around here. The blog hasn’t been updated since August. Yikes! I guess you can say I’ve been busy. Over the past 3 months I’ve moved back from San Francisco to Boston, started working for my old company in Cambridge again, ditched my red hair for blonde, and Hurricane Sandy flooded my kitchen and dining room. So yes, it’s been an eventful third quarter.

In an effort to see if I can get back into the blogging swing of things I’m going to give the November NaBloPoMo thing a go. If you aren’t familiar with this particular acronym it stands for  National Blog Posting Month. That’s right. The person who hasn’t managed to write a single thing in dozens of weeks is now going to attempt to create new content (of some sort) every single day during the month of November. We’ll see how that goes…if you start finding a lot of pictures of Watson and Dexter posed with various kitchen implements in your RSS reader then you’ll know I’m struggling. Anyway, wish me luck! Also, please let me know if you’ll be participating too. I’d love to follow along with your own NaBloPoMo efforts. Currently I know that Nicole from Pinch My Salt, Alejandra from Always Order Dessert, and Rebecca of Grongar Blog are all participating, and a little bird told me that Pam from Cave Cibum might also take the plunge.

If you’d like more info about NaBloPoMo I’d recommend checking out BlogHer’s details and also signing up for Shareaholic’s newsletter. They’ll both be offering prizes and great tips for getting us through this daily posting marathon.