Quest Complete: NaBloPoMo 2012

Well I did it. Just barely and there actually were a few cat pictures used as filler but I still officially posted to my blog every single day during the month of November. Mission NaBloPoMo accomplished! Would I ever do this again? No. Never! But I’m glad that I did and I think going forward I will appreciate the few entries that I do manage to compose each month just a little bit more. If you missed out on my frantic ramblings over the past few weeks I think the highlights would have to be:

PS: Thank you to Nicole from Pinch My Salt, Alejandra from Always Order Dessert, Rebecca of Grongar Blog, Karen at Mignardise, Pam from Cave Cibum, and Adrienne of Hungry Bruno for the support. I would have quit during the first few days without you all. — xoxo