An Erin Cooks Christmas: Day 2 – Christmas in a Glass

December 5, 2007 · Print This Post

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While scouring the internet for creative ideas for my upcoming holiday party this weekend I happened upon a lovely bubbly cocktail that Nigella Lawson has coined “Christmas in a Glass.” The crowd of people coming over to my house on Saturday will be enjoying these scrumptious prosecco based drinks around a roaring TiVo generated fireplace.

After hunting down gingerbread flavored syrup and procurring a generous amount of prosecco I decided that it would be unwise for Chris and I to serve drinks to our guests without trying them first. So we popped the cork and enjoyed our own mini Christmas in a Glass cocktails. The gingerbread syrup gives the prosecco a very nutty flavor and every time you bring the glass to your lips you inhale the scrumptious smell of Christmas cookies. I love how something so simple can turn out so unexpectedly brilliant. Cheers!

God Bless Us, Every One!
God Bless Us, Every One!

Christmas in a Glass (Originally Published by Nigella Lawson)

1 bottle of gingerbread flavoured syrup (or cranberry flavoured syrup)
1 bottle prosecco, or other sparkling dry white wine, well chilled

Pour the prosecco into glasses. Add a capful of the syrup to each glass of the prosecco, to taste.

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