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Zane Lamprey: Slightly Sober

Zane Lamprey cracks me up. He’s like the frat boy big brother I always wished I’d had. Zane and I were first introduced last fall when my boyfriend and I finally purchased our first HDTV. As many of you are aware, once you have HDTV you’ll pretty much watch anything in high definition from The Secret Life of Garden Gnomes to Paint By Numbers with Bob Vila — as long as it’s in crystal clear HD you’ll tune in. MOJO is an HD only channel that our cable company offers. It airs a ton of extremely random programming including a hilarious drinking centric show called Three Sheets.

Three Sheets is essentially Zane Lamprey doing a boozed up travelogue. His job, as he likes to describe it, “Is to drink.” I love to giggle along to his shenanigans with a companionable glass of wine in hand. One of my favorite episodes aired recently and it involved a trip to Japan and the impressive consumption of what appeared to be gallons of Sake.

Not only is Zane a sure thing TiVo season pass on Mojo, but he’s also just premiered a brand new show on The Food Network called Have Fork Will Travel. The episode I caught involved Zane’s adventures in Marseilles, France. He chatted up the locals, tried some traditional bouillabaisse, ate six pounds of local cheese, and drank a lot of wine. I thoroughly enjoyed his slightly more sober commentary, even if I did miss seeing the traditional “Morning After: Zane’s Got a Hangover” scenes. I think I may have a bit of a crush on the dopey dude, but in between the debauchery and sarcasm are actual quality shows with intriguing locations and little known facts to wow your friends with.

(Originally posted on the Well Fed Network’s blog Edible TV)