An Unpacked Kitchen

With the exception of one lone box CK and I are now completely unpacked. Needless to say it’s an extreme relief. Of course, everything is far from perfectly situated but I’m definitely starting to feel ever so slightly more settled in. It’s been an incredibly trying few weeks so any positive vibes that are starting to bubble up are absolutely a welcome change.

As you’ll see in the above video the kitchen has been organized — such as it is. I hate how cluttered it inevitably looks to have everything in the room set out for scrutiny but I’m just going to have to get over it. Functionally speaking I’m still getting used to the kitchen layout. I feel like I’m constantly running back and forth to grab a plate around the corner, a fork from one side of the room, and a whisk from the other. Obviously it’s going to take some time for this new space to become as second nature as my old kitchen.

In the meantime I’ve managed to burn gravy one evening, catch on my spaghetti sauce another night, and break half of our water glasses. It seems I’ve become more Amelia Bedelia in the kitchen than Mary Poppins. Here’s hoping that sorts itself out! For those of you who miss the “Watson Wednesdays” of last summer, Mr. Fluffy Diva himself makes a command appearance in the video and loudly demands your attention and admiration several times. The award for being overjoyed in this new space definitely belongs to Watson and Dexter.