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Anjum Anand: I Want My BBC

Lately I’ve become horribly jealous of those of you who live in England and therefore get to watch The BBC on a daily basis (and no, not just because you get to see Doctor Who episodes first hand). Sometimes even I get a little tired of the Food Network and there are dozens of wonderful cooking shows and food personalities on the BBC that we never have the chance to view in America. Sure BBC America sometimes tosses in a few old episodes of Jamie Oliver and his mates banging around pots and pans, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is always great for an uncomfortable laugh, but I would love to be able to watch Anjum Anand’s six-part series “Indian Food Made Easy.”

Anjum’s new program is geared toward educating people how quick and easy authentic, home-style Indian food can be. I love Indian food and it feels like I’ve been searching for the perfect cookbook to add to my collection forever. Each time I thumb through another book I somehow end up feeling disappointed. I wonder if Anjum’s companion book, Indian Food Made Easy, is the answer to all of my spicy culinary desires? At any rate I did find a tiny little segment of the show on YouTube which only served to make me want to view the whole series that much more.