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Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson

May 7, 2009
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I’ve mentioned my little love affair with Diane Mott Davidson’s culinary mysteries in the past. In fact, a post of a recipe from one of her extremely enjoyable novels even won 2nd place in an online competition at The Kitchn so she and I (or at least her books and I) are very old friends. […]

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The School of Essential Ingredients

February 8, 2009
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Once a month an eclectic group of strangers meet in the kitchen of Lillian’s restaurant to participate in The School of Essential Ingredients. Shy and cautious at first they soon build a supportive rapport with one another, and under Lillian’s intuitive culinary tutelage blossom and grow in ways they never imagined possible. Each chapter reveals […]

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Dear Julia

September 29, 2008

Elaine Hamilton is a wallflower. She’s shy, awkward, and desperately doesn’t want to go to her mother’s alma matar Dartmouth. What she does want is to quietly perfect every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, attend Smith College, and eventually study at the Cordon Bleu in Paris — just like her hero Julia […]

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Belle in the Big Apple

August 23, 2008

Belle in the Big Apple is a light tale of an ambitious southern twenty-something with perfectly coiffed blonde hair and the triple threat of charm, money, and a granddaddy with connections. Belle is a big fish in a small pond literally covering crayfish festivals for her family owned newspaper when she decides that she’ll never […]

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Foodie Babies Wear Bibs

July 29, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman

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Dark Tort: Diane Mott Davidson’s Asparagus Quiche

August 16, 2007

About a million years ago, ok I’m exaggerating, but way back in 1992 my mother and I started reading a series of culinary mysteries written by Diane Mott Davidson and we’ve both been huge fans ever since. Each book takes place in the fictional Denver town of Aspen Meadow where Goldy’s catering of events for […]

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You Grow Girl: Get Your Gardening Gloves Ready

August 13, 2007

I may have found a new hobby. While thumbing through my copy of You Grow Girl the other day I came across Gayla Trail’s section that details the steps involved in making your very own Tea Garden. Since my mini herb gardens have managed to stay alive this summer I think I might possibly be […]

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