Foodie Babies Wear Bibs

July 29, 2008 · Print This Post

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Foodie Babies Wear Bibs

Ladies and Gentleman The Little Pumpkin Book has been dethroned. I think we read that particular book two million times to my sister when she was a baby. I can still recite it to this day. Unfortunately, all reigns must come to an end and Foodie Babies Wear Bibs is by far the most adorable children’s board book I’ve ever seen. The illustrations are whimsical, and engaging while the text is straightforward — as it should be. Flipping through the pages I’m absolutely enamored with Nathalie Dion’s depictions of roly poly babies playing with their food in all manner of locations. My favorite page is simply captioned “Foodie babies say cheese” and is accompanied by happy kiddies hamming it up for the camera while sampling platters of gouda, cheddar, and brie. Those are definitely my kind of babies!

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs is part of the Urban Babies series of Children’s Books which was created by Michelle Sinclair Colman and is published by Tricycle Press (an imprint of Ten Speed). Other titles available include: Urban Babies Wear Black, Beach Babies Wear Shades, and Eco Babies Wear Green. Obviously any of these selections would be the perfect gift for the mommies-to-be in your life. Hopefully they aren’t due for a few more months though. Foodie Babies Wear Bibs has a “delivery date” of October 2008. Fortunately, unlike actual babies, this is available for pre-order.

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