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Clarissa Cooks it All

Sabrina Cooks it All!If you’re my age (shh…27) and you grew up watching Nickelodeon when it had something other than Sponge Bob Square Pants and Rugrats reruns then you probably remember a fab little show called Clarissa Explains it All. Melissa Joan Hart portrayed a precocious teenager with a funky fashion sense and a suitably bizarre family.  And don’t even try to convince me that you didn’t totally have a huge crush on her best friend Sam.  I loved it!

Well now Clarissa is all grown up, just like the rest of us, and according to Ecorazzi she’s teaming up with Lifetime Movie of the Week phenomenon Kellie Martin (aka Becca Thacher or Lucy Knight depending on if you’re a Life Goes On Fan or an ER junkie) to open a resturant.   What theme could these ladies possibly come up with?  I’m seriously dying to know.  I really just hope that there’s some Sabrina the Teenage Witch paraphenial on the walls, and maybe some framed photos of Kellie Martin as “Christy.”  Sort of like a nostaligc 90s teenage girl version of TGI Fridays.  Maybe they could provide diners with complimentary “Girl Talk” boardgames too?!  Sounds like my idea of good time.