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Erin Cooks the Internet: March 11, 2008

Do any of you use Twitter? Because I love it and would like nothing more than to follow you. If you aren’t familiar with the Twitter phenomenon than please check out this fabulous video: Twitter in Plain English.

Engadget is reporting that HGTV and The Food Network will begin simulcasting in HD on March 31. Obviously this is great news for HD snobs like me (and probably you too). I hate that they only show reruns on the current Food Network HD Feed. Not that I don’t enjoy old Dave Lieberman episodes in high definition, but it would be nice if it mimicked the actual channel.

Kotaku has posted an early trailer for the upcoming Iron Chef America game that is being created for the Wii. Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine will be released this summer and will definitely include the voice talents of the “esteemed” chairman. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Alton Brown will be included in some way as well.

Madeline discovered that Rachael Ray has released her own line of stocks. These cooking staples, cutely called “Stock-in-a-Box,” are available in both chicken and beef flavor.

Ned Batchelder made a rocking Doctor Who cake for his son Max’s 16th birthday. There are marshmallow Daleks and even a brownie K-9. So Ned, my birthday is in June…do I place my order with you now?

Hold the phone! Two of my favorite things, Nigella Lawson and Christmas, are being combined into one. Random House is scheduled to release “Nigella’s Christmas” in October. I think this year’s holiday party will definitely have to be an all Nigella affair.

Risa Green, author of the adorable book Notes from the Underbelly writes about a common problem that I’m sure a lot of moms have on a daily basis. How do you get your kid to eat something besides dessert? Risa apparently read some extremly helpful books and now she’s working on ways to “de-fetishize” sweets with her daughter. It sounds like she’s having good luck so far. Also, if you don’t already, than you should definitely be watching the ABC sitcom version of Notes from the Underbelly. Especially since it stars one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Westfeldt.

Top 5 Recipes I’m Dying to Try this Week (If food didn’t have calories etc…)
Lauren’s Lasagna Rolls with Three Mushrooms, Four Cheeses and Sage Bechamel at Burghilicious
Allen’s Blond(e) Ambition Cookies at Eating Out Loud
Ashley’s Earl Grey White Chocolate Chunk Muffins at Eat Me Delicious
Rachel’s Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cupcakes with Butterscotch Buttercream Frosting at Rachel’s Bite. Even though CK thinks Mayonnaise baked goods are “gross.”
Amy’s Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy at Nook & Pantry