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Diva in the Kitchen

Hänni will mercilessly ridicule me for this, but my guilty pleasure Mariah Carey let the Oprah show take a look inside her refrigerator and this video made me positively giddy. Apparently Mariah keeps her body “touchable” by eating copious amounts of sliced strawberries and veggie soup. She also bans employees from keeping fatty foods in her fridge. Butter is the mortal enemy of Mariah’s thighs too! Imagine that?! However, I get the distinct feeling that my girl Mariah has never even stepped foot in that kitchen before having this video shot. What do you think? I’m pretty sure her rice cakes are brought to her on a gilded tray with a side of Cristal — as it should be. Maybe I can adopt this philosophy in my house too? Mr. CK – please make a note!