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The Sausage Guy

Sausage Guy via iPhone I went to my first Red Sox game last night with CK and his co-workers. No, not of the season. This was my first Fenway Park experience ever! Yes, I’ve lived here for three years now and I’d never been to a game. And boy did I live it up. I ate and drank everything in sight from Fenway Franks to French Fries to Cracker Jacks, but the best food moment of the night was having a Sausage and Peppers sandwich from the infamous Sausage Guy. I did a double take when I saw the man behind the cart though as he looked uncannily like my Uncle Eric. Unkie Eric did you get a new job? If so then thank you for the best sandwich ever!

The other highlight of the evening (other than slowly succumbing to hypothermia over the course of three hours in the freezing cold weather) was finding out that Mike Lowell’s walk-up music is Iron Man by Black Sabbath. That was pretty hot!

In the end we won dramatically thanks to my old Portland Sea Dogs buddy Kevin Youkilis and after walking all the way to Copley, to avoid the insane crowds at Kenmore, I arrived home by 11:00 PM and fell into bed utterly stuffed. So CK…when can we get tickets again?!