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Erin Cooks The Internet: August 10, 2007

So that Hell’s Kitchen finale — how cool was that!? Yeah, I’m kidding. I should have suspected that this week wouldn’t be the finale, but I let FOX blindly convince me that Rock and Bonnie would duke it out to the death. I was wrong. I honestly started to get panicked half way through the program when nothing at all had happened yet. I wondered if it was really a two-hour special and Tivo had left me high and dry. One should never doubt Tivo though. Tune in Monday (yet again) to see if I’ve correctly predicted a Bonnie Muirhead upset. Or maybe Fox will trick us all again and dash our hopes by queuing up a clip show.

I Do It All!Giada De Laurentiis is doing her best to become even more “over exposed” than she already is. Next up on the docket is a line of specially designed push-up bras for Victoria’s Secret (I kid! I kid!). In all seriousness though, Giada has agreed to increase her co-hosting duties on the Today Show as well as produce her own line of specialty oils and spices in conjunction with Barilla. She’s also designing a line of Pyrex. I hope it’s pink! And that it doesn’t explode in my oven…

Party Like it's 1989!Since it’s not bad enough that I pay over $4 for a coffee at Starbucks, now I have to be ridiculed for what I buy. The Starbucks Oracle thinks my frequent choice of Grande Non-Fat White Mocha makes me “clueless” and believes that my time would be better spent at the mall and/or drinking wine coolers. Well…admittedly I did enjoy those Sofia Minis. When I entered my favorite summer drink, a Venti Unsweetened Passion Fruit Iced Tea, it was declared that I was destined to become a “crack addict.” Awesome!

PS: If you live in the Boston area and love B.Good as much as I do (and yes I still love you, even if your calories are a little higher than we previously thought) than make sure to check out the new Coolidge Corner location opening very very soon. In addition they’re having a pre-opening celebration next Tuesday night (August 14) between 7 and 9 PM @ 455 Harvard Street. You just need to bring a copy of the B Good “Brookline Grand Opening” Newsletter to get in. If you sign up before Monday, they’ll be sending a reminder email/newsletter out about the event and you’ll be able to score an invite as well as the chance to win free burgers for life.