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Erin Cooks The Internet: August 20, 2007

Awe...He's So Dreamy...Say it isn’t so?! There have been rumors and grumblings for months and months as to whether or not the adorable Dave Lieberman would be continuing his stint on the Food Network. Unfortunately it appears that a definite decision has been made. Dave’s “all grown up now ” and has cut the Food Network apron strings in favor of new opportunities and the possibility of opening his own restaurant in L.A. Honestly, with the departure of Dave from the Food Network there just isn’t any male eye candy left and I’m certainly not going to have a celebrity chef crush on Bobby Flay or (God forbid) Guy Fieri.

My subscription to Blueprint magazine finally managed to catch-up with me after the big move and I thoroughly enjoyed thumbing through it yesterday morning while enjoying my breakfast of delicious coffee and leftover gingerbread. As I’ve previously mentioned I really love making risotto. Yes, the stirring can be laborious, but it’s a dish that you inevitably feel extremely accomplished about feeding to guests when you’re through. So I’m a little skeptical about a shortcut risotto product Blueprint endorses this month that claims “its texture and flavor match those of made-from-scratch versions.” Apparently very little stirring is required and you finish the risotto with a sprinkle of salt and freshly grated cheese. The risotto takes a total of 18 minutes to make, to which I have to say, add 10 more minutes to your prep time and a little elbow grease and you can have the real honest-to-goodness thing.

Blueprint wasn’t completely off the mark this month. They did introduce a new cooking column called “The Kitchen” where they hope to educate readers with a series of “go-to” dishes that you can master and then pass off as your own. In the first article they have a really beautiful lesson on making a classic lasagna. It’s not my kind of lasagna (I don’t put meat in my sauce) but I really like the idea behind the column and I’m looking forward to seeing what recipe the editors will breakdown next. Unfortunately, the Blueprint website hasn’t been updated with content from the September/October issue yet so you may have to go out and buy your own copy in order to get the whole scoop.

I'm Your New Best FriendThe slow cooker hype has been waxing and waning for several years at this point and I still haven’t purchased a proper crock pot. However, I think I may have finally met my perfect time-saving match. I’m currently lusting over this All-Clad version on the Williams-Sonoma website. Like all All-Clad products it’s quite the thing of beauty. Friends and family please take note…the holidays are just around the corner after all.