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Erin Cooks The Internet: January 5, 2008

Ra Ra Ra!  Sisk Boom Bah!After work yesterday I went to The Pru to meet Chris and pick up a half priced calendar at Barnes and Noble and some cute Bachelorette party invites from Papyrus for my cousin Amanda’s wedding. Of course an hour later I’d spent much more than I’d intended after hitting the Victoria’s Secret Sale. Then I topped off my shopping splurge by picking up some heavenly smelling Peppermint Soap and a Slow Cooker cookbook at Williams-Sonoma. But what really caught my eye were these vintage inspired football plates and glasses. Too bad I’m partied out. These would be perfect for a Superbowl Soiree. Maybe I’ll feel up to that sort of challenge in a week or two.Rikka Racka Fiyacrakas

Rumor has it that there’s an Iron Chef America game in the works for the Wii. Hopefully it will be more fun and challenging than Cooking Mama, which generally holds my interest for all of 5 minutes. Wouldn’t it cool if they actually had Alton Brown in the game? Or even better, what if you could actually play as Mario Batali complete with Crocs? I’d definitely be up for that!

More awesome Doctor Who crafts are popping up all over the place. Boing Boing pointed out some adorable fudge based pastel studded Dalek Cupcakes. It’s pretty tough to take those nasty guys seriously when they’re 80% Marshmallow Fluff and covered in M&M’s. Maybe it’s time for some Torchwood baked goods? Time Lord Tiramisu? Owen’s Osso Buco? I’ll have to think about that.