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I've Been an Awfully Good GirlI saw these glasses in the Sur La Table catalog and now I’m physically holding myself back from purchasing them in hopes that Santa will perhaps bring them to me because I’ve been such a “nice” girl this year. We’ll see. Frankly I think they’d make a perfect hostess gift for those of you attending holiday parties.  Like for instance the one I’m throwing at our apartment next month (hint hint).

I’ve begun working out again and to numb myself from the inevitable boredom of the elliptical machine I’ve been watching some films from my vast collection of chick flicks. First up was The Holiday, and now I’ve settled on Sense and Sensibility. Yes, Kate Winslet is my hero. Jane Austen is also my hero and I get a huge kick out of the array of Austen related items that the Jane Austen Blog points out on a daily basis. One such post was a link to some fabulously decorated cookies complete with a silhouette likeness of Jane herself. You have to check these out! Seeing something like that makes me lust for a decorating class as my clumsy icing abilities definitely pale in comparison.

What Were We Thinking?!The other night Chris and I were watching TV on the couch when this infomercial came on for the Furi Ozitech knife sharpener and it totally sucked us in. Or maybe it was the presenters Australian accent. Either way I’m one of those people who has the orange handled Rachael Ray Furi knife and honestly I really like it and I rarely use the set of Henckels that I just had to have. But it’s been  dulling a little more quickly in between sharpening sessions so we decided to give this gadget a try, and believe it or not it actually works. I’m just as surprised as you! So since this item wasn’t a complete scam, should I trust in the wonder of the Magic Bullet as well? Hmm…probably better not push my luck.

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1 mari November 15, 2007 at 11:40 am

Thank you so much for the mention of my cookies! They are actually very easy to make. Glad you liked them! xo, mari


2 Lys November 19, 2007 at 5:40 pm

Erin – I actually bought those glasses during my “OMG I’m actually IN Sur La Table” binge this weekend – and, if Santa doesn’t bring them to you – you MUST buy them – they are positively Di-Vine! I need to get some more. I think my credit card, however, is going to wither up if I buy one. more. thing. from them.

BTW – I took your suggestion re: the Le Creuset and invested in the oval Le Creuset dutch oven in Carribean. It’s too pretty NOT to have, right? It can be with it’s siblings in the red color. And if I get a white pot – I can just say I’m celebrating America’s independance year ’round.


3 Erin November 20, 2007 at 8:57 am


I’m so jealous! You purchased two items I completely covet at the moment. If Le Creuset ever releases a pink dutch oven I’d probably die and go to heaven.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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