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Erin Cooks The Internet: October 12, 2007

Somebody Help Me!I don’t get the obsession everyone and their brother has with bacon. Personally I’ll eat it on occasion, but honestly since I was a kid I’ve hated the way the smell of cooked bacon lingers in your house for what seems like years after it’s been eaten. My mother and I both go to great lengths to not have that happen, but some creative people over at Super Sized Meals have decided that bacon is the ultimate apple pie addition. I’m a little horrified but thoroughly admire their neat and tidy presentation and since the dessert was described as being “om nom nom” I might just sample a slice if one was offered. As long as they didn’t try to bake it in my house.

Dave MacLachlan, a Mac software engineer at Google was granted a “culinary scholarship” to spend time helping prep in the famous Google cafeteria kitchens. Apparently, even the chefs are called culinary engineers. I like the sound of that title. I’m hardly a chef, but do you suppose it’s safe to call myself a chocolate chip cookie engineer? Anyway, Google is the coolest company ever.

Amy Finley, the winner of the latest installment of The Next Food Network Star, will debut her new show, “The Gourmet Next Door” this Sunday, October 14th a 1:00 PM EST. I’m planning to watch at least her debut episode, but poor Amy looks like a terrified deer paralyzed by the headlights of an oncoming car in every single publicity photo so I really don’t have very high hopes.