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Erin Cooks The Internet: October 31, 2007

Fake & BakeNo One Will Ever Have To KnowI’m so glad that Halloween is almost over so I can start obsessing about holiday baking. Now this is MY favorite time of the year. Cookies, cakes, pie, turkey, eggnog, wassail, fudge you name it — I want to make it! This morning I received a friendly email update from Trader Joe’s and they really jumpstarted me into super holiday mode with their featured baking shortcut products. I can’t wait to try out their very affordable versions of ready made pie crusts and puff pastry. I know you’ll probably call me a cheater but I’m more than aware what my limitations are in the kitchen and they mainly consist of pie crust disasters. Note to self: make some space in the freezer for all that dough.

*Sigh* The Pie Maker

Speaking of pie, is everyone else as in love with ABC’s new show Pushing Daisies as I am? I get positively green with envy every time one of those perfect pies appears on screen. If you’re a member of Bakespace you can add the Pie Hole profile to your friends and be updated when new recipes inspired by the show are released (and you can add me as a friend as well). So far they have the following recipes listed: Chuck’s Mixed Tomato Cobbler With Gruyere Crust, Olive’s Deep-dish Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and Ned’s One-Minute Blueberry Pie. Maybe I should give pie making one more shot…If you haven’t tuned in to this fabulous show yet it airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 8:00 PM EST.